Covered Bridges

Scenic reminders of a bygone era, Kentucky’s architectural treasures are links to the past.Covered bridges

Driving tour brochures of the bridges of Mason, Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, and Robertson counties are available at any of the area visitor centers.

Covered bridges began being built across Kentucky rivers and creeks in the late 1700s. Not only were they built to protect the bridges from the elements, but these “Timbered Tunnels” also sheltered travelers and their cargo before the days of automobiles.

The loss of many of these magnificent bridges began during the Civil War when many were burned. Others have fallen into neglect and abuse and have been replaced by more modern structures.

Luckily, due to the efforts of many private, state, and county agencies, thirteen of these historical pieces
of the past, eight of which are in the five-county 51 Buffalo Trace Region, are still standing. All of the remaining covered bridges in Kentucky are listed
in the National Register of Historic Places.

DOVER COVERED BRIDGE Mason County At 63-feet long, this bridge dates back to circa 1835. South of Dover and KY 8 on Lees Creek Rd., the modified queen-post truss constructed bridge spans Lees Creek and is the oldest covered bridge in Kentucky.

Other Area Bridges:

Cabin Creek Covered Bridge, Lewis County
Goddard White Covered Bridge, Fleming County
Grange City Covered Bridge, Fleming County
Johnson Creek Covered Bridge, Robertson County
Ringo’s Mill Covered Bridge, Fleming County
Wallcott Covered Bridge, Bracken County
Valley Pike Covered Bridge, Mason County